As long as there has been human civilization, there has been migration. People move for different reasons and as they do, they create an equilibrium in the world — socially, politically and culturally.

This project is about sharing the stories of migration. We are currently interviewing migrants from all around the world and from all times, past and present, to raise awareness about one of the most basic traits of humanity.

The interviews are conducted one on one at this point and by appointment. Please send us an email if you are in the DC metro area and would like to be interviewed.

There are 6 sections in each interview:

1 – Introduce yourself in your native language as well as English
2 – Tell us a bit about yourself before you migrated and why you decided to immigrate to the US.
3 – What was the process of migration, challenges and success stories?
4 – Tell us about the time when you just moved here.
5 – Tell us about now and about your adopted home.
6 – Sing us a song in your native language that may reference migration or your feelings about the subject.

These interviews will be edited and a 2 minute version will be played back in the installation.

Additionally, please give us images that relate to each part of your story. These images could be hand drawn or something you found online or maybe even something you have had in your possession. Our team will create animations based on these images which will be mapped onto the LEDs inside the figures as your story is told. The images should only have bright colors as dark colors don’t show well on the installation. The more images, the better.