On July 8, 2017, the installation was on exhibit at the Hirshhorn Museum in Washington DC as part of the annual Sound Scene exhibit. The intimate interaction of the public with the figures was amazing and unexpected. People of all ages, and mostly teenagers, touched, hugged and closely listened to the stories told by our immigrants. We had collected 12 stories who have immigrated to the US from all around the globe.

A visitor: “We really loved watching the intimacy of the experience. People were getting up very close and personal to the figures, leaning in, pressing up against them to listen to the stories. It was the perfect space and the perfect crowd… and the perfect art experience. Well done!!!”

Early draft version

The goal of this art installation is to create an immersive environment where the participants interact with our mythical figures, learn about their immigration journey and hear their struggles as well as their joy. As they, the immigrant figures and the public, come together through stories and songs, their perceptions are transformed into a new reality.

This project transcends time and place. It’s not about the current social/political climate. It’s about understanding and appreciating the movement of the people throughout history. Only then, we hope, we can understand the now.

This installation will be on tour at the following locations/dates

Hirshhorn Museum, Washington DC, July 8
Hermitage Museum, Norfolk VA, August 10 – 13
Burningman Festival, Reno NV August 27 – Sept 4

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